Managed Degrowth

Guest Post by Dr Mike Joy Economic growth driven by fossil fuels (black growth) has resulted in massive ecological devastation. ‘Green growth’ just replaces fossil fuels with renewable energy and traps us in this spiral of environmental damage. All growth requires more consumption, which requires mining more non-renewable materials and more energy, which is unsustainable.… Continue reading Managed Degrowth

Petition to Fix the Cameron Rd Project by Glen Crowther 15 organisations recently signed a letter to the Minister of Transport asking for the project to be fixed. See that letter here. We are calling for an independent review to determine a better design that:– is safer– promotes better traffic flow for all users (without as many lights)– delivers faster, more… Continue reading Petition to Fix the Cameron Rd Project

Tauranga’s Lack of Carbon Emissions Targets

We’ll come back to this important topic in more detail at a later date, but this recent article (yes, paywalled) makes it clear we all need to get on the same page around the issue of CO2 targets and Tauranga City Council’s plans. Here is the key section of this Bay Times article: Robson said… Continue reading Tauranga’s Lack of Carbon Emissions Targets