Why IFF is a bad choice for Tauranga

Tauranga City Council is asking Tauranga residents if they prefer the Civic Precinct to be financed by an ‘IFF’ levy (option 1) or rates-funded debt (option 2). Either way, the debt is repaid by ratepayers. However this is a much bigger topic than it may first appear, so we urge you to read this short… Continue reading Why IFF is a bad choice for Tauranga

The Future Shape of Tauranga

We’re all aware there is an important general election on 14th October. What is sometimes overlooked is that the result may lock in, or reject, the increasing centralisation of decision-making that has happened over the past few years. This could impact our region for years to come. During this electoral term, central government agencies have… Continue reading The Future Shape of Tauranga

Container Return Scheme needed more than ever

If you’ve read our thoughts about the the government’s recent ‘policy bonfire‘, you’ll see we don’t regard it as very significant to NZ’s climate goals. There are far bigger things to focus on than scrapping a hare-brained scheme to scrap polluting vehicles at a cost of between $81,000 and $126,000 per tonne of CO2 that… Continue reading Container Return Scheme needed more than ever

Losing Our Democracy

“SmartGrowth” is a collaboration between Tauranga City Council, Western BOP District Council, BOP Regional Council, Tangata Whenua and central government that was established in 2004 to “manage” growth in this part of the country. On 17 August 2022, in a SmartGrowth Leadership Group meeting that wasn’t even livestreamed or uploaded onto YouTube, representatives of the… Continue reading Losing Our Democracy

Three Waters Reforms

It’s been a while since our last blog, and there’s no lack of topical sustainability-related issues to write about. Ranging from the impacts of climate change to the effects of fuel price inflation, NZ and the wider world are facing some big challenges. However one sustainability issue that has struck a chord with many New… Continue reading Three Waters Reforms

Tauranga’s Lack of Carbon Emissions Targets

We’ll come back to this important topic in more detail at a later date, but this recent article (yes, paywalled) makes it clear we all need to get on the same page around the issue of CO2 targets and Tauranga City Council’s plans. Here is the key section of this Bay Times article: Robson said… Continue reading Tauranga’s Lack of Carbon Emissions Targets