Losing Our Democracy

“SmartGrowth” is a collaboration between Tauranga City Council, Western BOP District Council, BOP Regional Council, Tangata Whenua and central government that was established in 2004 to “manage” growth in this part of the country. On 17 August 2022, in a SmartGrowth Leadership Group meeting that wasn’t even livestreamed or uploaded onto YouTube, representatives of the… Continue reading Losing Our Democracy

Tauranga By-election and Local Democracy

https://www.sunlive.co.nz/election-debate.html The Sunlive byelection debate last night was an interesting discussion about some important topics, so as an independent, non-aligned organisation, we’d encourage Tauranga residents to watch it before you vote. The most striking difference was Labour’s candidate being (unsurprisingly) strongly in favour of the removal of democratic elections for Tauranga City Council, while the… Continue reading Tauranga By-election and Local Democracy

Are Councils Listening to Our Communities?

In this article, we explain why Sustainable BOP Trust is asking Tauranga City Council and BOP Regional Council to: Work with the Mount-Arataki-Papamoa communities to develop sustainable solutions for Links Ave and Farm St. Support the community’s ongoing call for bus stops on Maunganui Rd-SH2 by Bayfair, and push to develop bus lanes that connect… Continue reading Are Councils Listening to Our Communities?

Petition to Fix the Cameron Rd Project

www.change.org/p/tauranga-city-council-review-the-cameron-road-project 15 organisations recently signed a letter to the Minister of Transport asking for the project to be fixed. See that letter here. We are calling for an independent review to determine a better design that:– is safer– promotes better traffic flow for all users (without as many lights)– delivers faster, more reliable public transport… Continue reading Petition to Fix the Cameron Rd Project

Tauranga’s Lack of Carbon Emissions Targets

We’ll come back to this important topic in more detail at a later date, but this recent article (yes, paywalled) makes it clear we all need to get on the same page around the issue of CO2 targets and Tauranga City Council’s plans. Here is the key section of this Bay Times article: Robson said… Continue reading Tauranga’s Lack of Carbon Emissions Targets