The Proposed Tauranga Domain Stadium

Details of the proposed $220 million, 8000-seat “Boutique Stadium” at Tauranga Domain have been released. The key points are: * Default option is a $220 million stadium ($192m + 14.6% estimated cost escalation) * Permanent seating planned for 7000 people * Temporary seating for another 8000 (15,000 total capacity), including “seating modules” for 5000 that… Continue reading The Proposed Tauranga Domain Stadium

Losing Our Democracy

“SmartGrowth” is a collaboration between Tauranga City Council, Western BOP District Council, BOP Regional Council, Tangata Whenua and central government that was established in 2004 to “manage” growth in this part of the country. On 17 August 2022, in a SmartGrowth Leadership Group meeting that wasn’t even livestreamed or uploaded onto YouTube, representatives of the… Continue reading Losing Our Democracy

Tauranga By-election and Local Democracy The Sunlive byelection debate last night was an interesting discussion about some important topics, so as an independent, non-aligned organisation, we’d encourage Tauranga residents to watch it before you vote. The most striking difference was Labour’s candidate being (unsurprisingly) strongly in favour of the removal of democratic elections for Tauranga City Council, while the… Continue reading Tauranga By-election and Local Democracy

Tauranga’s Civic Precinct saga continues

Interesting that as soon as submissions to council were finished, there are now much more detailed plans and costings from TCC and Willis Bond for the proposed Tauranga Civic Precinct project in tomorrow’s council meeting report (also see agenda). Despite a majority of submitters not wanting Option 1, TCC recommends the commissioners approve Option 1,… Continue reading Tauranga’s Civic Precinct saga continues